How to Know if You Have the Right Bail Bond Service in Raleigh

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How to Know if You Have the Right Bail Bond Service in Raleigh

For many people, covering bail would require at least a year’s worth of wages — the Justice Policy Institute says that the average bail nationwide costs a staggering $55,000

Rather than covering it yourself, you can, of course, hire a bail bond service to cover the cost with the guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. It’s an invaluable service if you need to get yourself or a loved one out of jail. But it’s a bit of a risk, too, especially if you don’t have experience with bail bonds. 

Fortunately, there are easy ways to tell you have the right bail bond service. Use these three tips to help you find the right provider in the Raleigh area and beyond. 

1. They Will Discuss Specifics Over the Phone

It’s a bad sign if a bail bond agent doesn’t disclose their prices over the phone. It shows they don’t want you to compare their prices with other bond agent fees. You can assume they might have higher rates than their competitors. 

Plus, a bail bond agent who is vague over the phone is likely trying to get you into their office. This sales tactic might make you more likely to sign something because you feel pressure in person. However, you won’t have time to do your comparison and research on the person, which is vital in choosing the right bail bond service.

Instead, your bail bond agent should be open and honest with you, whether you meet in person or chat on the phone. They should answer the essential questions you have with honesty. And they should be transparent about fees and prices, too. 

2. They Have Positive References and Reviews

You can always rely on previous clients to tell you the truth about a bail bond service. 

So, before you sign a contract, do your research. Google the business to see their star rating, and read any associated reviews. Or, ask someone who has been through the process for their recommendation. 

You should always take online reviews with a grain of salt. But they do paint a pretty accurate picture of the agency with which you intend to work. So, keep them in mind as you decide on the right bail bond agency for you. 

3. They’re Confidential and Compassionate

Any bail bond agent with a license and insurance should know the importance of discretion in bail bond-related matters. However, you’ll know you have the right service when you know their values. Confidentiality should be one of their priorities, as should compassion. 

On that note, you don’t want someone who doesn’t care for their clients to handle your bond. If you’ve never been through the bond process, it can be stressful and unsettling.

In the end, you should strive to find someone who makes you feel comfortable with the next steps. When you reach that point, you’ll know you have the right bond agent. 

Use the Right Bail Bond Service

Clear-cut policies, positive reviews and the right demeanor mean you have found more than just an agent — you’ve found the right person to help you.

We think we have what it takes to fit the bill. So, contact us today if you are in search of bail bond service in the Raleigh area to get started. 

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