The Conditions of Release in North Carolina

Conditions of release

The Conditions of Release in North Carolina

If you are in a situation where you or a loved one gets arrested in North Carolina, you may be stuck trying to figure out how to get a bail bond and what becomes required of the defendant once they make bail.

Continue reading to learn the conditions of release in North Carolina.

Determining the Conditions of Pre-trial Release

A judge or other judicial official has a decision to make when it comes to getting released from custody. They need to determine the factors of the arrest and the defendant. 

The conditions of a bail bond depend on which type of pre-trial release as determined by the judicial system. In North Carolina, there are five types of pre-trial release.

Having a certified bail bond service on your side will make the entire process easier.

Types of Pre-trial Conditions of Release

There are three types of unsecured pre-trial releases. They are an unsecured bond, a written promise to appear, and custody release.

In addition to the unsecured types of pre-trial release, there are some that require additional security. They are the secured bond and electronic house arrest amidst a secured bond.

Unsecured Bonds

An unsecured or a signature bond doesn’t require a payment in order to get out of jail. Being released on his or her own recognizance, a defendant can give their word that they will appear for all of the scheduled court hearings. 

A defendant may also get released into the custody of someone that will take responsibility for them. Ensuring that they will make court appearances and pre-trial check-ins. 

Secured Bonds

Secured bonds are necessary when collateral is needed to make sure the defendant appears in court and during pre-trial check-ins. Collateral can be a monetary payment or as an asset, like property or mortgage.

When house arrest becomes a condition of release, restrictions get placed on the defendant’s physical location via house arrest. They are unable to leave their residence unless they are working or appearing in court.

Additional Conditions of Release

In addition to bail bonds, there are a few other stipulations determining a defendant’s release. There are instances where pre-trial check-ins are necessary. Some cases will require that the defendant has a no-contact order in place. 

Sometimes the defendant must have and hold employment in order to make bail. If the defendant is considered a flight risk, there will be travel restrictions in place. 

Depending on the charges against the defendant, they may be monitored for substance abuse and not be allowed to possess a firearm. Defendants who may not be eligible for bail have charges involving drug trafficking, gang activity, firearms, or methamphetamines. 

Making Bail in North Carolina

Failure to adhere to their conditions of release will set off a chain of events resulting in the defendant having a warrant out for their arrest and having bail revoked.

You don’t have to wait for your court date in prison. If you or someone you love needs to make bail in North Carolina, contact Case Closed Bail Bonds today.

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