Why are Bail Bonds Better than Using Your Own Money?

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Why are Bail Bonds Better than Using Your Own Money?

You get a disturbing phone call in the dead of night informing you that a loved one has been arrested. The distressing moment forces your mind to race with questions about your next steps, whether the accused individual is eligible for bail, whether you should use bail bonds in Raleigh, NC, or dip into your savings to secure their release. Well, believe it or not, your choice can have significant financial implications and may also impact the outcome of the legal process. Wondering if bail bonds are better than using your own money? Well, here’s a guide to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

What if you decide to use your own money?

If a friend or family member is in jail, the first thought on your mind is probably about how you can bail them out of jail. If you have your savings and decide to use them for bail, undoubtedly, you can secure bail, but can you do that quickly? Finding an immediate influx of cash or withdrawing savings isn’t possible every time you have fixed the amount in a bank or have saved it on multiple platforms. Besides, when you have saved money for something, why would you use it when other options are available?

What if you decide to use bail bonds?

The bail amount is typically set higher than the defendant can afford because it’s intended to be insurance. If you cannot afford the bail amount and are considering using a bail bond company, it’s probably better than using your savings. Why? Because licensed bail bond agents are familiar with the bail landscape vividly. They can help you with the process and support you to secure the defendant’s freedom without you dipping into your savings. Yes, there’s a small premium fee, but compared to the convenience level you get, that’s nearly nothing.

How do you find the perfect bail bond company?

When finding the perfect bail bond company, consider the company hours and when the agents operate. Go for a company that is available 24 hours a day to get help whenever you or your loved ones are in a legal bind. In addition, consider the company’s industry track record and ensure the premium is competitive. In addition, consider your financial situation and the severity of the charges to get a fair idea of the bail bond amount or premium that you have to pay.

The Verdict

Clearly, working with a bail bondsman in Raleigh, NC, is a better decision than blowing your savings on an unfortunate legal mishap. Besides, bondsmen in Raleigh, NC, have a comprehensive understanding of how bail works, and they can guide you with everything from the initial documentation to the advisory associated with bail regulations and terms and conditions. Looking for licensed bail bond agents to help you with bail bonds? Contact us at Case Closed Bail Bonds today!

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