What Types of Bail Bonds Services Are Available in North Carolina?

bail bonds services

What Types of Bail Bonds Services Are Available in North Carolina?

Are you worried about someone you love who’s locked up in jail and needing bail? Are you worried about how to get the bail?

If you’re already scared and nervous for your loved one, you might be feeling a little intimidated about what to do. Are you nervous about contacting bail bonds services?

Maybe you’re worried about what it’ll cost, yet you want your loved one to get released from jail too.

If you’re wondering how do bail bonds work in North Carolina and need to make bail then read on to learn more about the types of bail available. 

Surety Bonds

A surety bond is likely the most common type of bail bond. Often bail is set at a high amount on purpose. This means the accused must use a bail bondsman to get enough funds to get released. 

This means that someone securing the bail for the accused must put down a small percentage of money upfront and the bail bonds company guarantees the rest to the court. 

Property Bond

You might wonder what people use for the money they need to put down for the bail bondsman. Often they use a property bond. A property bond is one where a piece of property gets used as collateral. 

If someone were to skip out on the bail, the property would be turned over to the bail bondsman since it was signed as collateral.

Recognizance Release

In some cases, a court will recognize the person who got arrested. Instead of a financial dollar amount bail, the person’s notoriety is used for bail. 

When a court allows a recognizance release for bail, they feel assured the person will show up for their court appearances without having to hold them financially accountable to do so.

Cash Bail

This type of bail is more common for lesser offenses. Some courts even have reestablished dollar amounts based on the crime for cash bail. 

Cash bail works like how it sounds. Once the accused gets booked, they can get bail by paying cash to the court. The court assumes that paying the cash upfront will be enough motivation to get the accused back for their upcoming court dates. 

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal bail is a little more complicated because often it’s for a more serious crime and the bail is set for a much higher amount. The bail is set by a federal court and must be paid to them for release. 

This can also be a bail that’s a little more complicated to arrange. Not all bail bondsmen opt to write federal bails. 

Immigration Bail Bonds

An immigration bail is one you would need if you’ve been detained on an immigration offense. If someone’s detained on an immigration issue, it can be difficult to get the government to issue bail and is more complicated to get if it’s offered. 

Bail Bonds Services for the Kind of Bail You Need

If you need bail bonds services, no matter the circumstances, the easiest plan is to contact a bail bondsman and find out how they can help. Once they know the situation for the accused, they can help you to find the bail that will work best. 

If you need help getting bail for someone you love, we want to help. Contact us today so we can start helping you with the bail you need. 

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