What Are Bail Bond Agents?

bail bond agents

What Are Bail Bond Agents?

Did you know that even though 600,000 people enter prison gates each year, people go to jail 10.6 million times per year? This is due to jail churn, which happens partly because people who have just been arrested, will make bail within hours or days, and be released back out. 

Are you a first-time offender who’s confused about the court systems and looking for some assistance? Maybe you wish to find a bail bond agent to help you pay bail, but you don’t know what they are all about. In the article below, we will give you a brief synopsis of what is a bail bondsman.

What Is a Bail Bond Agent? 

A bail bond agent can be a person, agency, or corporation. They pledge money or property on the behalf of the defendant who’s supposed to appear in court.

When they post this bail for you, you can go back home and spend time with your family or doing your daily tasks, while waiting for the court date, instead of being stuck in jail.

The great thing about the bail bond agent is that they can help you post bail even if you are under financial constraints because they only require you to have a percentage of your bail as the downpayment. Some bail bond services will even take collateral instead of cash if you don’t have any disposable cash at hand. 

Once you show up for your court date on time, the bail is returned to the agent, minus a certain agent fee. But if you skip your court date, then the bail bond is revoked back to the courts, and you will be put back in jail, to await your trial. 

Choosing a Bail Bond Agent

It’s important, then, that you choose a licensed, reliable, and reputable bail bond agent. The best bail bond agents out there have been in business for a long time and are well-known in the justice system. This gives you an edge up because they can give you tips on how to approach your court date even better.

In addition, it’s in their interest that you show up for the court date, so they will keep on checking up on you, through your phone or other monitoring devices. They could even place a guard upon you to make sure you don’t run away.

If you wish to get over your court date and back to being a free human being quickly, then a bail bond agent can help you do that.

Bail Bond Agents Are on Your Side

If you do what your bail bond agents tell you to do, following their rules and restrictions to a T, you are more likely to get perceived as a trustworthy defendant and that will work in your favor when it comes to court proceedings. 

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