Understanding Bail Bondsmen: Myth vs. Reality

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Understanding Bail Bondsmen: Myth vs. Reality

In the criminal justice system, bail bonds play a crucial role in safeguarding the legal rights of defendants. Although bail bonds in Raleigh, NCprove to be a convenient option for individuals to get out of jail before their trial, most people don’t opt for them. Why? Because there are so many myths and misconceptions associated with the very being of bail bondsman. Often courts set bail higher than conventional bail amounts because they want bail to serve as a guarantee for the defendant to appear before the court of law. However, people cannot afford to pay such a hefty amount, and that’s where bail bondsmen in Raleigh, NC, come into the big picture. 

They serve as intermediaries between the court and individuals accused of crimes. In a nutshell, when someone is arrested, the court sets bail or a sum of money that must be paid for the release of the defendant until the trial. However, when the accused cannot afford bail, they go for a bail bondsman who can pay the bail on behalf of the accused. 

Before you decide to work with bail bond agents, here are some common myths that we are debunking for you!

Myth: Bail Bondsmen are Bounty Hunters

Reality: While bail bondsmen work with bounty hunters to catch the defendants, the two professions are distinct. Bail bondsmen primarily focus on securing bail for defendants, whereas bounty hunters track down individuals who have skipped bail. So, it’s crucial to understand that bail bondsmen do not do bounty hunting on their own. 

Myth: Bail Bondsmen Have an Unfair Monetary Advantage 

Reality: Bail bondsmen typically charge a non-refundable 10-15% of the overall bail amount. However, when you reach out to a bail bond agent, they can help you to get out of jail before your trial without any financial constraints. When defendants don’t appear for their trial, they have to pay for the entire bail amount, which is why, for the risk they undertake, the 10% of the bond amount is nothing. 

Myth: Bail Bondsmen Exploit the Vulnerable

Reality: While it’s true that bail bondsmen charge fees for their services, they also provide a crucial resource for individuals who cannot afford bail on their own. Without bail bondsmen, many defendants would remain incarcerated until their trial, potentially facing negative consequences such as loss of employment, housing, and disruption of family life.

Myth: Bail Bondsmen Only Care About Profit

Reality: While bail bondsmen operate as businesses and seek to make a profit, many also have a genuine interest in helping individuals navigate the legal system. They provide valuable services to defendants and their families during challenging times, offering support and guidance throughout the bail process.


If you want to understand how bail bondsman can help you, you need to dispel the common myths and misconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, Wake County bail bondsmen play a crucial role in the legal system by providing a lifeline to individuals who cannot afford bail on their own. Looking for bail bondsmen in Raleigh, NC? Contact the professionals at Case Closed Bail Bonds today!

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