So, You’ve Been Arrested in NC. What Now?

So, You’ve Been Arrested in NC. What Now?

According to historical trends, violent crime and advanced economies have an inverse relationship. As a country’s economy gets stronger, fewer citizens commit crimes. That’s good news, and it explains why violent crime rates are decreasing across the world.

That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions, though. In North Carolina, for example, violent crime rates grew 4.4% between 2018 and 2019.

Were you or a loved one recently charged with a crime in NC? If so, then you’re likely wondering — what happens when you get arrested? How do you get out of jail, and what can you do to defend yourself?

If you’re asking yourself those questions, then we’ve got the answers. Read on to get informed and empower yourself going forward.

Phase One: The Arrest and Booking Process

When police approach you, it’s normal to feel apprehensive. Despite that, it’s important to cooperate with the authorities when they stop you.

When police believe they have proof you committed a crime, they’ll place you under arrest. You’ll get handcuffed, and you’ll no longer be free to leave the scene. Instead, you’re taken to the local jail.

From there, you’ll go through the booking process. Officers will search you, take away your personal items, and give you a new outfit. You’ll need to give the officers basic information like your birthday and address. Then, police will take your fingerprints and photograph.

Next, you’ll get placed in a cell.

Phase Two: Your Initial Hearing

Waiting in your cell for your initial hearing is no walk in the park. Not only are you not free to leave, but you’ll need to adhere to all the jail’s rules, too. Stepping out of line could mean you’re charged with more crimes, or you could end up making enemies on the inside.

During your arraignment, you’ll enter into an initial plea: guilty or not guilty. Your charges will get finalized, and a bail amount will get set by the judge.

Phase Three: Making Bail

By this point, you’re likely ready to get out of jail. First, you’ll need to choose a bail bond company that can help you post bail. So long as you show up to your court dates and complete your case, any collateral will be returned to you by your bondsman.

Phase Four: Preparing for Court and Defending Yourself

Once you’re out of jail, don’t make the mistake of thinking your legal troubles are over. You must attend your court hearing, and you’ll want to defend yourself. Consider hiring a lawyer to help you avoid a guilty verdict.

What Happens When You Get Arrested in NC

So, what happens when you get arrested in North Carolina? First, you’ll go through a booking process. Then, you’ll attend an initial hearing where the judge will set your bail amount.

Once those two phases wrap up, you can finally get out from behind bars by making bail.

Are you or a loved one currently facing charges? If so, then it’s crucial to work with a bail bond company you can trust. We won’t let you down at Case Closed Bail Bonds. Reach out to our bondsmen now to get started on securing freedom for yourself or a loved one.

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