Recent Legislation: North Carolina General Assembly House Bill 466

Recent Legislation: North Carolina General Assembly House Bill 466

House Bill 466, a bill containing alterations to the regulations governing bail bond agents,was ratified in August. Several rules have been modified, including the minimum age of bondsmen and runners, the duration for which collateral can be kept, and what information bondsmen and runners can access during background checks.

The first alteration the bill made needs the least explanation: the minimum age for both bondsmen and runners has been raised to 21. Notably this modification applies to the section for those seeking a license; therefore, those below this age who already have a license presumably will not be affected.

Section 2 introduces a clause modifying the duration for which collateral may be kept by a bondsmen. Formerly bondsmen could only keep collateral for 72 hours, but this period has been expanded to 15 days. According to the introduction to the bill, this change was made to “…include the time period in which an appeal from District Court may be filed…” In short, the period collateral may be kept was broadened due to the complications an appeal could introduce. However, the collateral must still be returned within 15 days.

Furthermore, bond agents and runners now have access to civil records as well as criminal records. Basically, this expands background checks, allowing bondsmen and runners to see any non-criminal offenses potential clients have committed. However, this still only includes public records; items such as ongoing criminal investigations remain off limits. House Bill 466 mainly affects bail bondsmen and runners. Some of these changes, such as those regulating collateral and background checks, do affect clients as well.

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