Possessions That Can Be Accepted as Bail Bond Collateral

Bond Collateral

Possessions That Can Be Accepted as Bail Bond Collateral

When a family member or friend has been arrested, the first thing that you should do is make sure that you get them released on bail. 

However, depending on the amount the bail is set for, you may not have the cash requirements to meet the full bail amount. The good news is, there are a lot of things you can post as bond collateral. 

Here’s our guide on bond collateral and what you can use, other than cash, as bail bond collateral. 

Reliable Forms of Bond Collateral 

Sometimes, paying all of the bail money is just not an option. What you can do is hire bail bonds services. You can pay a fee to the bail bondsman in cash and by providing some sort of collateral. 

Here are some of the best options to pay bail bonds with collateral, 

Your Property 

If you own any land, a home, or a business, you can put that up as collateral. You must be the primary owner of the property to do this. 

The bondsman will place a lien on the property to collateralize the total bond. Signifying that the bail bond company has control over your property. 

You will still be able to use your home as collateral if you are still making monthly mortgage payments on it. The home still holds equity, so it can secure a bond. 

Other friends and family members may be able to use the equity that they hold in their property in order to reach the full bond amount. 


One of the best ways to ensure that you post bail is to have a co-signer guaranteeing the total bond in the event it is forfeited.

The co-signer is agreeing to accept the financial obligations of paying the full bail bond if the defendant does not show up for their court date. 

A co-signer must provide proof of income, government-issued identification, cash, credit, or debit card, and the arrest information of the person being bailed out. 

Proof of income and identification are necessary so that the bail companies can ensure that the co-signer has credibility. They need to be responsible enough to “vouch” for the friend or family member being bailed out. 

Post Bail Quickly and Easily! 

When cash is not an option, bond collateral is. You can use electronics, your boat, your home, and even your legally registered firearms. If you ever have a question of what you can use and how to do so, you can ask someone at a Raleigh bail service. 

Case Closed Bail Bonds is a professional bail bondsman in the North Carolina area. We allow you to post bail without even leaving your own home. You can submit electronic submissions or email and we can help you post bond wherever you are. 

Call us today and we can assist you in getting your friends and family released on bond, no matter the situation. 

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