Everything You Need to Know About Warrant Walkthrough

Everything You Need to Know About Warrant Walkthrough

If you’ve ever had a sneak peek into the world of law enforcement and criminal investigations, you would know how vital warrants are. They play a vital role in ensuring the proper execution of justice. However, do you know that having a warrant in your name doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to jail? Yes, that’s when a warrant walkthrough comes into the big picture. Are you wondering what is a warrant walkthrough?, and if a Wake County bail bondsman can help you with it? Read on to find out! 

What is a Warrant Walkthrough, and How Does it Work?

If you have a warrant out for your arrest for any minor offense, a warrant walkthrough can prevent you from doing jail time. All you need to do is show up to the jail with your Wake County bondsman and turn yourself in to be booked and processed on your warrant. In addition, you can also avoid having to pay a bond by exchanging it with a warrant walkthrough. 

To get a warrant walkthrough, reach a licensed bail bond agent and fill out the paperwork related to your warrant. Depending on the jurisdiction and your state, a warrant walkthrough can be possible for different charges. Before you contact a bail bond agent, you need some information to speed up the warrant walkthrough process. These include:

  • The defendant’s name
  • Contact information of the defendant, police station, etc. 
  • The possible charges pressed against the defendant
  • The total bond amount and the conditions of the bond

Why is it better to arrange a warrant walkthrough?

A warrant walkthrough ensures you don’t have to spend time in jail for minor offenses. Even if you are arrested for a serious offense, it’s always better to turn yourself in than wait until the police arrest you. Walkthroughs are beneficial for so many reasons. For one, when you can’t solve a legal matter with an active warrant by going to court, a walkthrough allows you to look after the warrant before the court date. 

Typically, a warrant is a notice about why you are required to appear in court, and hence it gives the police power to arrest you. Even when you know you aren’t guilty, and your case will ultimately be dismissed, you can still be arrested, which is why you should take care of the warrant. When you turn yourself in, you demonstrate your cooperation with the criminal justice system. 

Doing so can help your case and showcase that you aren’t trying to evade law enforcement or avoid the matter. If you are charged with a serious offense, you might need to post a bail bond with a licensed bail bond agent. By having a bail bond agent on your side with a prepaid bond, you ensure that you spend as little time in jail as possible, prepare for your courtroom trial without any hiccups and spend more time with your family. 


Understanding the law, in general, can be intricate and unknown terms like Warrant Walkthrough can make things even more daunting. Do you have any questions on how a warrant walkthrough works or if you are eligible for one? Contact the professionals at Case Closed Bail Bonds now to know more about walkthroughs and Wake County bail bonds! 

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