Booze It & Lose It North Carolina

Booze It & Lose It North Carolina

The seasonal Labor Day phase of the campaign dubbed Booze It & Lose It (an initiative sponsored by the Governor’s Highway Safety Program) designed to crack down on drunk drivers through statewide aggressive enforcement of DWI laws officially came to an end September 5th  2016 and the figures have been reported. The Governor’s Highway Safety Program is dedicated to promoting highway safety awareness to reduce the number of traffic crashes and fatalities in the state of North Carolina through the planning and execution of safety programs.

Booze It & Lose It is an initiative launched in 1994 to increase the awareness of the dangers and the penalties of driving drunk by partnering with law enforcement agencies across the state to educate the public, and get drunk drivers off the roads. In spite of its success, 8,500 people have lost their lives in alcohol related crashes in North Carolina since 1994 including 339 people in 2015. Some other initiatives you may have heard of are Click it or Ticket, Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine, and Watch For Me NC geared towards raising seatbelt awareness, adherence to traffic signs, and pedestrian safety.

Between August 19th and September 5th 2016 law enforcement officers set up sobriety checkpoints using mobile breath alcohol testing units (referred to as BATmobiles) equipped with computers, magistrate workstations, screening test devices, and all other essentials for processing DWI suspects. And while the focal point is to identify intoxicated drivers, the strategically placed traffic stops also allow police officers opportunities to make arrest for drug violators, apprehend wanted persons, recover stolen vehicles, enforce liability insurance statutes, and make various other felony arrests. Booze It & lose checkpoints also enforce and report seatbelt, child passenger safety, and work-zone violations. This most recent 2-week campaign boasts a whopping 63,218 Total Traffic and Criminal Violations statewide. Results are reported by county.

Some noteworthy facts are that Wake County led the state in Total DWI’s (124), Total Traffic Violations (2894), Wanted Persons Apprehended (319), and Total Traffic and Criminal Violations (4862). Mecklenburg County led the had the highest number of Felony Arrests (253) and Drug Violations (365).

For most of us, a random sobriety checkpoint is a mere inconvenience. For some of us, it’s the beginning of a very long night that may end with you, a friend, or a family member needing the services of a bondsman. With good fortune, an arrestee may be released with a citation and a Written Promise To Appear in court. However, North Carolina has taken significant legislative steps to stiffen the penalties for driving intoxicated over the last decade. So those not as fortunate may need to post a secured bond to be released from custody.

If you or a loved one have been detained at a sobriety checkpoint in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill give our team at Case Closed Bail Bonds a call. We will take steps necessary to ensure the speediest possible release, and help minimize the disruption to your life caused by untimely arrest and incarceration.
Case Closed Bail Bonds encourages you to drink responsibly and wishes you and your loved ones safe travels in 2016.

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