First Time Getting a Bail Bond in Raleigh? What You Need to Know

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First Time Getting a Bail Bond in Raleigh? What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever been arrested, getting out of jail is the number one thing on your mind. But, the process can be overwhelming when you are sitting behind the bars of a jail cell.

Many people aren’t familiar with laws regarding pretrial release eligibility, which vary from state to state. These laws determine who is eligible for bonding out of jail and explain the conditions of the bail bond process. 

Common crimes often have a standard amount set for bail. This allows you to post bail prior to seeing a judge.

If you’ve committed a crime that doesn’t have a set amount of bail, then you’ll have to wait until you see a judge. Luckily, your wait isn’t likely to exceed 48 hours. Then, a judge will set your bail amount.

Once you are notified of your bail amount, you’ll be allowed to bond out of jail. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that anyone will walk you through the process from here. But, if you follow our advice, you’ll be able to navigate the process on your own.

Read on to find out what you need to know to get out of jail in Raleigh!

How the Bail Bond Process Works

Although the process may be different in other towns, here’s how the bail bond process works in Raleigh.

After you find out the amount needed to post bail, you’ll have a couple of options for getting out of jail. You can either pay the full amount required for your release, which may be several thousand dollars. Or, you can go through a bail bondsman and pay a percentage of that amount (usually 15%).

Your Next Steps

First, you’ll need to decide how to pay the amount required for bail. Even at 10% of the total amount, a bail bond can be expensive.

If you are unable to afford your bail bond, you might want to post property as collateral instead. However, be aware that if you don’t follow the requirements for pretrial release, or show up for your court date, the bond company is entitled to keep your property.

Likewise, if you pay the bail bond company 10% of your bail, failure to comply with the requirements of release will cause you to owe the full amount.

Once you call a bail bond company, they will come to the jail. You’ll be asked to fill out paperwork and provide the bail bond agent with specific information. They will also collect your payment at this time.

After signing the necessary paperwork and submitting your payment, you’ll be free to leave. Just be sure to follow all of the court’s instructions and show up for any future court dates.

You should also review and follow any instructions provided by the bond company. These might include checking in on a regular basis until your case is heard in court.

Need to Get Out of Jail?

If you need to get out of jail, we can help with your bail bond. 

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