4 Great Tips For Surrendering To The Wake County Detention Center On An Outstanding Warrant

4 Great Tips For Surrendering To The Wake County Detention Center On An Outstanding Warrant

Coming to the realization that you will be surrendering yourself to the Wake County jail for an outstanding warrant can be an emotionally distressing experience. We’ve compiled some tips that may help reduce the anxiety should you find yourself in this, or a similar situation.

1. Notify at least one (1) friend or family member prior to turning yourself in to the Wake County Detention Center.

Crowding, technical malfunctions, procedural lockdowns and telecommunication restrictions can greatly curb phone access and disrupt the flow of information outward to family and friends. Notifying an advocate on the outside prior to your surrender can drastically reduce release time and ensure you’re not stranded in jail because of lack of access to a phone.

2. Memorize critical phone numbers.

You will not have access to your personal items or cell phone contact list because your belongings are confiscated and stored during arrestee processing until your release. Therefore, it’s advisable that you commit numbers to memory needed to facilitate the release process. Some examples of these contacts include your spouse, cosigner, attorney, and bail bondsman.

3. Avoid shift change.

The Wake County Detention Center is a secured facility with controlled movement. Arrestee release processes are halted or severely slowed during shift changes. In Wake County the parties involved in arrestee processing change shifts on the 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock hour. This includes magistrates, sheriff’s deputies, detention officers and some medical staff. If you’re looking for quick processing avoid these times at the Wake County Jail whenever possible.

4. Schedule an appointment with a Raleigh bail bondsman.

At Case Closed Bail Bonds, we are prepared to handle these type of emergencies on short notice. We remain available 24/7 to serve the Wake County Jail by appointment and ensure our clients the speediest possible release every time. If you have a warrant and need to surrender yourself to the Wake County Detention Center call the company with over 25 years of combined experience and let one of our Raleigh bail bonds specialist assist you. We’re here to help you arrange bail, or simply answer questions.

While we hope you finds this information helpful, it is not legal advice. For legal advice contact an attorney.

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